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Sample Scripts Library

Sample scriptsTo give you an idea of how this all works, we tried to cover all possible needs and made a dozen of scripts and test applications. Basically, all you have to do to use them as templates for your own custom scripts is replace the filenames and paths to source and destination locations.

Once installed Resorce Tuner Console, you will find the Demo folder nested within the directory where RTC has been installed. Within this Demo folder, there are 12 subdirectories containing script examples and sample executable files.

The Complete Illustrated Guide To Using Scripts
How To Write Scripts

All sample scripts are ready to run. Select one of the .BAT files located within the Demo folders to execute the sample script. The script will make changes in the test EXE file. The resulting file will be created in the directory named "Release" under the directory containing the script.

Click on the script name below to see the script code:

Script Name Description

Edit Icons

Shows how to add or replace icons in the test application.

Edit Strings

Shows how to modify String Tables and Message Tables using string literal values from an external Unicode text file.

Edit Manifest

The script shows how to:
  – Add or replace an UAC manifest;
  – Replace icons in the executable with icons from an .ico file which contains more than one image;
  – Add a 256x256 PNG-compressed icon (a Vista icon);
  – Sort out the added icons in the right order;
  – Output the changes in the Resource Tree to a log file.

Edit Version Information

Shows how to update or add the version variables to all EXE, DLL, or RES files in a folder.

Localize Version Information

Shows how to have an application display the Version Information in different languages depending upon the user's locale:
  – Modify the existing String File Version Information;
  – Create a copy of the Version Information for the German language;
  – (Optionally) Set every field in the PE file header, export and resource sections to the adjusted TimeDate stamp.

Edit Custom GIF

Shows how to edit common data types that stored as custom resources: major graphic files (.GIF, .PNG, .JPG), sound (.WAV, .MIDI) and video (.AVI) files, or binary files (.CAB, TYPELIB, etc):
  – Add or replace a non-standard resource (GIF) from .gif file;
  – Add or replace a Cursor from .cur file;
  – Set a new ImageBase value.

Edit Bitmap

Shows how to add or replace a Bitmap Image (.BMP) in the test application.

Process Folder

This script shows how to batch process the contents of a directory which has mixed EXEs and DLLs, and patch all the files with given file extensions (EXE, DLL, SYS, RES, etc) in the source directory.

Big Demo Script

This script shows how to:
  – Modify the String Table using a definition file;
  – Add a new String Table;
  – Modify the Message Table;
  – Update the Version Info resource;
  – Create a copy of the resource with another language;
  – Outputs the resource tree to a log file;
  – Save the entire file's resources as a resource DLL.


To see the changes made to the test EXEs, we recommend using Resource Tuner GUI, a visual resource editor.

 Download Resource Tuner Console and learn how it can make you more productive.