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Known Limitations

 Resource Tuner Console does NOT work with NE and other 16-bit files. 16-bit program files are NOT and will NEVER be supported. Instead, Resource Tuner Console works with 32- and 64-bit files.

 Resource Tuner Console does NOT handle .NET resources in managed assemblies. At the moment, RTC works with unmanaged 32- and 64-bit PE files only.

 Resource Tuner Console does NOT work with protected or compressed executable files except for UPX-compressed files. If your target files were packed by any third party protectors (most of them encrypt data and resources and protect exe files from reverse engineering), you have to unpack them manually before modifying. We are not going to defeat the security attempts of other software authors.

RTC ships with the UPX Unpacker plug-in, a start-up processing plug-in for unpacking files compressed with UPX (see https://upx.github.io).

 Resource Tuner Console does NOT work with applications that perform a self-test to verify if they have not been tampered with. Resource Tuner Console does not attempt to circumvent such protection systems.

Functionality Currently NOT Supported

 At the moment, the CopyResource procedure does NOT support creating a copy of the Icon, Cursor, Icon Group, and Cursor Group resources with another language.

 At the moment, Resource Tuner Console does NOT support for any manipulation of the Menu, Dialog, and the RC Data resources due to the visual nature of these GUI elements.



Sample Scripts
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