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RTC Feature List

Resource Tuner Console combines a robust resource editor with intelligent script capabilities. If you need to modify and manage resources of Windows EXE and DLL files from the command line, Resource Tuner Console is the most advanced tool you can get your hands on.

Using Heaventools' advanced editing technology, developers can rebrand, customize, edit and manage their applications while minimizing deployment, support and operational costs. Don't take our words for granted, see What Our Users Say.

General Features

  • Support for 32- and 64-bit executable files such as .EXE, .DLL, compiled binary .RES, ActiveX Controls (.OCX), Borland Libraries (.DPL and .BPL), Control Panel Extensions (.CPL), Screen Savers (.SCR) and any other PE files.
  • Support for UPX-compressed files.
  • Support is provided for Icons, Cursors, Bitmaps, various string resources, such as StringTables, MessageTables, Version variables, Manifests, and custom resources, such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, AVI, CAB, TypeLib, etc.
  • Support for any active scripting language installed.
  • Fully supports Unicode. RTC allows you to edit strings in and work in multiple languages.
  • Expandable! Support for custom plug-ins to perform any startup processing. Consult the RTC help for the plug-in API.
  • Localized output messages (English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Italiano, Japanese, Nederlandse, Polska, Português, Russian, Suomen, Svenska).
  • As a command-line tool, Resource Tuner Console can be run from both batch scripts and other Windows-based applications.

Advanced Features

Besides being an effective resource editor, Resource Tuner Console also provides the methods and properties for tweaking the PE file structure.

Update Checksum

Use the UpdateChecksum property to to enable/disable updating the checksum in the PE file header.

Rebase Image

The RebaseImage procedure will let your DLLs have their image base set manually to avoid conflicts when your application loads a few DLLs having the same base address.

Update DateTime Stamp

Use the UpdateDateTimeStamp procedure for changing the TimeDate Stamp and setting every field in the PE file header, export and resource sections to the adjusted TimeDate Stamp.

Create Resource Section

If your file has no resources at all, Resource Tuner Console will help you create the resource section and add the desired resources. Use the CreateResources function to add the resource section to a file which was compiled without resources.

Strip Empty Resource Section

Use the StripEmptyResSection property to enable/disable deletion of the empty resource section when saving the file.

UPX Unpacker

When you process a file with RTC, the UPX Unpacker plug-in detects whether this file is packed with UPX, and then unpacks it automatically. All versions of UPX are supported, from the obsolete early versions (prior to 0.80) up to the latest version 4.0.

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Download ResTuner Console and learn how it can make you more productive.

Download Resource Tuner Console Resource Tuner Console runs on all versions of Windows in use today: from 11 to XP, either 32-bit or 64-bit.

Minimum hardware requirements: Intel Pentium® processor with 166 MHz, 4 MB RAM

Resource Tuner Console comes with the examples that explain basic functionality and demonstrate many of the features available in Resource Tuner Console. Check out the samples to get an idea of what Resource Tuner Console can do for you.