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What's New in The Version 2

Version 2 is all new and completely rewritten:

  • Added two more ways of replacing Icon/Cursor entries with the ChangeIcon/Cursor functions.
  • Added the UserErrorLevel property to return the user-defined exit codes.
  • The main procedures became functions and now return True if the operation is successful.
  • Localized output in multiple languages, depending upon the user's locale.
  • The SortGroupCursor/Icon procedures are no longer required, now RTC 2 automatically performs these operations.

 RTC Version History

We are always looking for ways to make Resource Tuner Console more useful to you, so please let us know what you think.

In The Previous Versions

+ The ChangeIcon procedure supports PNG images in .ICO files.

Now RTC supports adding hi-res Vista icons from Icon files (.ICO) that contain compressed .PNG images. Previously, RTC could only add Vista icons from stand-alone .PNG files.

!!! CRITICAL UPDATE: Changed the way to specify relative paths to the target files in the scripts.

Please update your scripts! Now it's as it should be: one dot means the current folder, two dots mean the parent folder (one level up).

PEFileProxy.OpenFile ".\src\DemoApp.exe"
PEFileProxy.OpenFile "..\..\UpDir\DemoApp2.exe"
PEFileProxy.SaveAsNewImage ".\release\DemoApp3.exe"


  • Improved processing of huge executable files (of 600MB or larger).
  • Added new exit codes.
  • Updated the script code templates.
  • Bugfix: The "Scriptfile not found" error message didn't log.

  • Added the ChangeCustomResource procedure.
  • Now RTC supports editing any common data types that stored as custom resources: major graphic files (.GIF, .PNG, .JPG), sound (.WAV, .MIDI) and video (.AVI) files, or binary files (.CAB, etc).

  • Added the UPX Unpacker plug-in.
  • Now when you process a file with RTC, the UPX Unpacker plug-in detects whether this file is packed with UPX, and then unpacks it automatically.

  • Now supports editing cursors. Added the ChangeCursor procedure.
  • Added the SortGroupCursor procedure for sorting cursors in the Cursor group according to their size and color depth.
  • The RebaseImage procedure will let your DLLs have their image base set manually to avoid conflicts when your application loads a few DLLs having the same base address.
  • An improved algorithm for working with non-typical PE files, for instance produced with REALbasic.
  • Added the ability to override the command-line options in the script.

    This Command Line Setting Override feature allows you to override the command-line settings right in the script body. This is very useful when you need to change the settings just for a single script, or be able to start different scripts with different settings without making them use different batch files.

  • Added the StripEmptyResSection property to flag the empty resource section for deletion when saving the file.
  • The CloseFile, SaveAsResDll, and SaveAsNewImage former procedures became functions.
  •     This lets you write e.g. :

       If (Not PEFileProxy.CloseFile) Then yadayada
       If (Not PEFileProxy.SaveAsNewImage(sFile)) Then yadyada

  • Now supports editing Application manifests. Added the ChangeManifest procedure.
  • The procedure replaces or adds if not exists an application manifest in the file resources based on a specified criteria (for EXE, DLL or Control Panel Applet files).

  • Added the OpenFileEx function to simplify writing scripts.
  • This combines and replace three other procedures. Now you can open a file, check and creates resources using a single procedure instead.

  • Fixed errors that occaissionally occurred when saving files containing Extra Data (such as debug info, digital certificate, etc).


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